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Fatso’s Po’Boy Challenge


Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts”

– Winston Churchill

Churchill may not have been talking about the latest challenge pitting man against food, but the legend’s rotund figure certainly suggest he would have found the Fatso’s Po’Boy Challenge quite provocative, perhaps enjoying a signature cigar and cherry after attempting to conquer this beast.
OK, enough talk. Let’s get down to business. You have 60 minutes to devour this truly beastly Po’Boy and a humongous side of fries and down it all with a 32 oz. soda. This sandwich has a healthy slab of special sauce on the bottom half of the bun topped with tomato and pickle slices. It may sound like finger food so far, but there is more.

The two pounds of famous jumbo fried shrimp, coleslaw, and mound of shoe string fries make this more than finger food and a mere handful. To top it all off, the top side of the hoagie bun is drowned with cheddar cheese sauce. To put a finer point on it, this amalgamation of the most contemptible gluttony Fat Fatso could contrive is three iPhones in length, one iPhone in width, and an iPhone in height.


Of course there a few rules

  • There is no sharing, no helping, and no puking during the 60 minutes
  • If you are brave enough to take on the challenge, then you must be fine with the chance of being recorded and playfully exploited on the Internet (heck put a link to it on Facebook!)
  • The entire plate must be clean as the buzzer sounds (yes, we have an actual buzzer)

Winners receive a T-shirt! Don’t worry, there is more. Your name will forever grace a plaque that will hang on the wall. You can take your friends, dates, and kids here to brag, or your doctor to explain the obscene levels of cholesterol in your blood stream. Oh yes, if you can eat, we will eat the cost and give you a $200 gift card to any of the Lockdown Group restaurants.