Chicago Tribune “Chicago’s Best Burger”


Chicago has a number of independently owned fast food stands serving up char burgers, or burgers grilled over gas-powered grills. I know, because I went to many of them. None comes close to matching Fatso’s, and honestly, I’m a little at a loss for why. Sure, Fatso’s uses fresh meat, whereas most places toss on frozen patties. But why do I crave this burger so much more than even absurdly expensive grilled steakhouse burgers? Those places certainly use a higher quality of beef, along with other lavish toppings, yet they fail to make all those components coalesce into a singular burger experience. Fatso’s, on the other hand, manages to fuse every element into a handheld package. The smoke from the grill that latches onto the beef balances with a juiciness that should make the supreme leader of Burger King abdicate. The fat slice of onion stuck in the middle lends a hot, sharp crunch to every bite. (Something much needed with a burger this greasy.)


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