24 Of The Best Hot Dogs In Chicago, Ranked


Since we’re gluttons for punishment (and also just, ya know, gluttons in general) we at UrbanMatter have undertaken the grueling process of ranking one of the most prized, cherished and hotly-contested foods on any good Chicagoan’s menu: the hot dog.

For those of you who are yet unaware, a Chicago style hot dog is comprised of the following: yellow mustard, white onions, so-bright-it’s-almost-neon green relish, a pickle (spears only, please), sport peppers, celery salt and tomatoes all atop a beef hot dog snuggled inside a poppyseed bun.

Sounds great just thinkin’ about it, huh?

These are 24 of the best hot dogs in Chicago, ranked. Where does your favorite Chicago style hot dog lie?

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